Picking the right Dj

I understand that there are a lot of Wedding Dj's out there, and choosing the correct one for big day  can be very stressful and hard. That is why will work side by side to help you and everyone else to make your day less stressful. The only reason's I became a Dj is to make people happy and to help out where ever I can.  

What is Up lighting


Set the mood and room

Up Lighting is a great tool to set the look you want at your big day/event. It really changes the atmosphere of the event. 


Light up your event with Up lighting today

I personally love using up lighting because it can be customized with the selection of colors that the light produces to add to the venue and event. 

Head Moving Lighting


Customize You're Design

These light can do a lot for the big day and will prove tons of light and amazing designs on the ceiling, walls, and dance floor. 


Showcase your love

We can do custom engraving with a design you pick. At the end of the night, I will give you the design that you picked, and you can keep it as a keepsake/pediment as a gift. 

History with being a wedding Dj

Little info on wedding event history

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